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Dec. 10 What Child Is This?” — Part 2 Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 3  “What Child Is This?” — Part 1  Pastor Jim Prose


Nov. 26  “The Peter Pan Principle”  Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 19 "The Secret of Thanksgiving" Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 12 "Walking With Christ" Pastor Bryan Kowal

Nov. 5  "Who Are You Bowing Down To?" Pastor Bryan Kowal


Oct. 29 "Glory Days—Studies in Joshua,Part 4 Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 22 "Glory Days—Studies in Joshua,Part 3  Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 15 "Glory Days—Studies in Joshua,Part 2  Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 8 "Glory Days—Studies in Joshua," Part 1  Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 1  "The Divine Interruption" Pastor Bryan Kowal


Sept. 24 "Impossible?" Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 17 Where Does My Help Come From? Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 3 "Real Faith" Pastor Jim Prose


Aug. 27  "It Is Well" Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 20 "Sharing a Meal" Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 13 "Pen or Pencil" Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 6 "Drop Your NetsPastor Jim Prose


July 30 "Self Sufficient?" Pastor Jim Prose

July 23  "Where Are You?" Pastor Jim Prose

July 16 "Be Still and Know" Pastor Jim Prose

July 9 "This Is a Test" Pastor Jim Prose

July 2 "What Shall We Do?" Pastor Jim Prose


June 25 "Stop, Look and Listen" Pastor Jim West

June 18 "Passion" Pastor Jim Prose

June 11 "In Our Midst" Pastor Jim Prose

June 4 "Living Without Limits" Pastor Jim Prose


May 28  "The God of all Comfort"  Pastor Bryan Kowal

May 21 "What God Starts He Finishes!" Pastor Jim Prose

May 14  "Living in the Real World" Pastor Jim Prose

May 7 "The Good Hands of God" Pastor Jim Prose


April 23 "Lessons From a DonkeyPastor Jim Prose

April 16 "Stuck in Saturday Pastor Jim Prose

April 9  "The Triumphal Entry" Pastor Jim Prose

April 2 "Guilty or Not Guilty?" Pastor Jim Prose


Feb. 5 "The Three Stages of GideonPastor Jim Prose


Jan. 29 The Suffering of the Garden Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 22  "The Beauty of God's Grace" Pastor Bryan Kowal

Jan. 15 "Warning" Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 8, "Being Made Alive" Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 1, "Cross Over"  Pastor Jim Prose



Dec. 25, "Merry Christmas" Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 18, "What's in a Name?" Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 11, "A Baby Changes Everything" (partial)

Dec. 4, "The Boys of Bethelem" Pastor Jim Prose


Nov. 27, "Empty Choices" (6th in a Series: "Empty Religion")

No. 20, "Empty Giving" (5th in a Series: "Empty Religion")

Nov. 13, "Empty Justice" (4th in a Series: "Empty Religion")

Nov. 6, "Empty Religion/Empty Covenant" (3rd in a Series: "Empty Religion") 


Oct. 30, "Empty? It Starts With Us" (2nd in a Series: "Empty Religion") 

Oct. 23, "Lifeless Worship" (First in a Series: "Empty Religion") 

Oct. 16, "The Mysteries of God" Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 9, "Looking for God" Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 2, "Is It Time for a Change" Pastor Jim Prose


Sept. 25, "Drifting AwayPastor Jim Prose

Sept. 18, "When God Seems Unfair" Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 11, "Different Day; Same Message" Pastor Bryan Kowal

Sept. 4, "He Never Gives Up"  Pastor Jim Prose


Aug. 28, "God Remembered" Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 21, "An Event Bigger Than the Election" Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 14, "I Don't Get It!" Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 7, "Preparation" Pastor Jim Prose


July 31, "Unusual Faith" Pastor Jim Prose

July 24, "Passion" Pastor Jim Prose

July 17, "Commitment" Pastor Jim Prose

July 10, "Independence Day" Jim West

July 3, "From Slavery to Sin—To Slavery to Christ" Pastor Byran Howal


June 26, "All or Nothing at All" Pastor Jim Prose

June 12, "Waiting" Pastor Jim Prose

June 5, "Ready, Set, Grow"  Pastor Jim Prose


May 29, "How Far Are You Willing To Go?" Pastor Bryan Kowal

May 15, Guest Speaker, Pastor Peter Pinder

May 8, "Fear Not" Pastor Jim Prose

May 1, "The Comeback" Pastor Jim Prose


April 24, "As Is" Pastor Jim Prose

April 17, "Heritage Sunday" Pastor Jim Prose

April 10, "The Lord's Supper" Pastor Jim Prose

April 3, "How Much Is Enough?" Pastor Jim Prose


March 27, "RISEN" (Part 4) Pastor Jim Prose

March 20, "RISEN" (Part 3)  Pastor Jim Prose

March 13, "RISEN" (Part 2)  Pastor Jim Prose

March 6, "RISEN" (Part 1) Pastor Jim Prose


Feb. 28, "How Far Are You Willing to Go?" Pastor Jim Prose

Feb. 21, "Wait" Pastor Bryan Kowal

Feb. 14, "Unbelievable Grace" (Week 5) Pastor Jim Prose

Feb. 7, "Unbelievable Grace" (Week 4) Pastor Jim Prose 


Jan. 31, "Unbelievable Grace" (Week 3) Pastor Jim Prose 

Jan. 24, "Unbelievable Grace" (Week 2) Pastor Jim Prose 

Jan. 17,  "Unbelievable Grace" (Week 1) Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 10, "Living Up To Your Potential" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 3, "Giving All" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose



Dec. 27, "It's a New Year" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 20, "O Come Let Us Adore Him" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 13, "God of Impossibilities" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 6, "God of Every Circumstance" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Nov. 29, "The Happiest Holiday" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 22, "He Is Good" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 15, "What Are You Seeking?"  Sr. Pasor Jim Prose

Nov. 8, "He Is God" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 1,  "Live So That There Is No Doubt" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Oct. 18, "The Significance of Justification" Pastor Bryan Kowal

Oct. 11, "Supreme Surrender" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 4, "Complete Surrender" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Sept. 27, "Masks We Wear" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 20, "Faith at Work" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 13, "A Basket Case" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 6, "Coming Back" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Aug. 29, "Sunrise With Jesus" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 23, "Jesus Will Return" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 16, "Lord's Supper" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 9, "Great or Good?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 2,  "It's All About Faith" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


July 26,  "Impacting Your World" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

July 19, "A Fresh View of God" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

July 12, "Standing Firm" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

July 5, "Revolution of Righteousness" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


June 28, "Speaking With Boldness" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

June 21, "The Good Dad" Jim West

June 14, "Crazy Busy" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


May 31, "Lessons From the Potter" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

May 25, "God Is Still on His Throne" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

May 17, "Brook Time" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

May 10, "Are You Being a Godly Influence?" Pastor Bryan Kowal

May 3, "Back to the Cross" Pastor Bryan Kowal


April 26, "Take Your Life to the Next Level" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

April 19, "What Happened to Judas?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

April 12, "We Celebrate" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

April 5, "Easter Echoes"  Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


March 29, "Cheers to Tears,"  Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

March 22, "Pilate," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

March 15, "Barren Trees and Full Houses," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

March 8, "Jonah," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

March 1, "Confusing Times," Part 5, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 


Feb. 22, "Confusing Times," Part 4, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Feb. 15, "Confusing Times," Part 3, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Feb.  8, "Confusing Times," Part 2, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Feb.  1, "Confusing Times," Part 1, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 


Jan. 25, "What Does God Think of You?"  Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Jan. 18, "Ever Forget?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Jan. 11, "A Portrait of God," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Jan. 4, "Facing the New Year," Jim West



Dec. 28, "Change," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 21, "Bethlehem Son Rise," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 14, "Six Miles," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Nov. 23, "Daniel," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 16, "PROPHECY," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 9, "Prayer," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 2, "Courageous," Part 9, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Oct. 26, "Courageous," Part 8, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 19, "Courageous," Part 7, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 12, "Courageous," Part 6, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 4, "Courageous," Part 5, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Sept. 28, "Courage," Part 4, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 21, "Courage," Part 3, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 14, "Courage," Part 2, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Sept. 7, "Courage," Part 1, Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Aug. 31, "Discouragement," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 24, "Why?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 17, "An Obstructed View," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 10, "It All Starts With One Word," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Aug. 3, "The Sovereignty of God," Dr. Imed Dabbour


July 27, "This Light of Mine," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

July 20, "I Can See Clearly Now," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

July 13, "A New Set of Clothes," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

July 6, "Are You Ready?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


June 29, "The Three Hardest Words," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

June 15, "Coming Alive!" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

June 8, "Giant Killer," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

June 1, "Stolen Property," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


May 18, "When We Don’t Understand," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

May 11, "Is Your Faith Worth Passing On?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

May  4, "The Wilderness," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Apr. 27, "The Royal Wedding," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Apr. 20, "Does Easter Make a Difference?" Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Apr. 13, "What Must We Do," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Mar. 30, "The Gift," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Mar. 23, "Simple Trust," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Mar.   2, "Bring Me Another Vessel," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 


Feb. 23, "What Mercy, What Grace,"  Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 

Feb. 16, "Guilt vs. Forgiveness," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Feb.   9, "Fighting for Your Family," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Feb.   2, "Parenting Priorities,"  Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Jan. 26, "Parenting Prerogatives," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 19, "Home Makeover, " Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Jan. 12, "Getting the Clay Out of the Way," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose



Dec. 29, "Good Riddance," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 22, "The Contrast of Christmas," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec. 15, "Waiting for Christ-mas," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec.   8, "The Miracle of the Moment," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Dec.   1, "Star of Wonder," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose 


Nov. 24, "The Basis of Thanksgiving," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 17, "God's Cycle of Blessing," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov. 10, "I Saw the Light," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Nov.  3, "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose


Oct. 27, "I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose

Oct. 20, "Your Cheatin' Heart," Sr. Pastor Jim Prose